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Can I have a private post please* sorry it’s a long one. Honestly I don’t even …

Can I have a private post please* sorry it’s a long one.
Honestly I don’t even know where to start but just looking to see if anyone had any tips or been through similar. Me and the ex ended on bad terms after I ended it due to his mental health issues, I never stopped contact with our child but the start was supervised (due to threats) He came and went as he pleased and never stayed for full agreed visits. It went to court and he was supposed to have Saturday visits with our child (supervised then built to unsupervised after so many months) after the court order was completed he still missed visits if he had better plans, sometimes going 4-5 weeks between. It’s been a year now and Well child who is 2.5 has started kicking off, never seen them so hysterical and just refusing to go but getting distressed to the point of hyperventilating and hitting out at the ex and his family. Child will not go in car with him or family or stay with them if drop off, they just will not even let his family touch them or talk to them in anyway. this has been going on for weeks. Iv suggested coming here to try and get a bond again so the child feels safe and happy around them but ex hasn’t tried to talk about it or respond in anyway. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or been through similar. After the order was put in place iv tried to be civil and left him to do as he pleases, never even mention it when he misses visits. I don’t mention his name at home other then when I tell the child daddy is here I don’t tell them if he’s cancelled or anything else ect. I don’t know what to do for the best. Thanks.


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