Can I have a private post please xx Im sorry about the majorly long post. I’…

Can I have a private post please xx

Im sorry about the majorly long post. I’m not sure if I’m over thinking everything or if I should be concerned.

Been to my 4 year old child parents evening and it’s was mentioned that she is in her own world a lot. I’ve never really noticed but since then there seems to be a few things that just doesn’t sit right. She loses concentration very quickly to the point we can only read one page of a book at a time (10 words if I’m lucky), she doesn’t hold eye contact very well sometimes won’t even look in my general direction, and a big thing is that she doesn’t understand friendships, she doesn’t understand that someone doesn’t want to be her friend, even though this other child has said she doesn’t want to be friends, my daughter says it’s okay I am her friend i’ll just follow her. A boy was being to rough with her at school and she’s said she doesn’t want to be friends with him even though he was only playing. So she seems to understand that violence (that word sounds a hell of a lot worse than what happened) is not right for a friendship but when words are used she doesn’t understand. And this has been with a few different children not just the one. Hopefully that all makes sense and I haven’t just babbled on.
She is my only child and I’m not sure if I’m being dramatic and over thinking all of this or if this is something I should speak to a professional about. Need some advice/reassurance. Thank you for reading my essay


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