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Can I have a private post? This is a long one but i could really use the help I…

Can I have a private post? This is a long one but i could really use the help šŸ˜” I’m looking for advice on how to get my 5 year old daughter to stop talking to strangers in the street. She doesn’t have a care in the world when it comes to talking to people. It scares me to death. She can be walking along the street with me and just stop and speak to a complete random..saying things like “hi whats your name” etc…and i’m not talking about young kids…she does it to grown men/women. Shes just did it just now as we were getting into the car…and the woman was as pissed as a fartšŸ˜­ No amount of tellings off works. I have sat her down and told her the importance of not talking to strangers and how badly things could end up, its a bit much having to explain that to a 5 year old but theres no other way of drumming it in to her and even this doesn’t work. As it stands she isnt even allowed out in the garden herself because i fear she will talk to the wrong person, so this means if i cant go out with her…then she cant get out to play, which isnt healthy for her physically and psychologically but i dont know what else i am supposed to do…because right now i dont trust her and know 100% that in the unlikely event of her being approached by an abductor in her own garden..100% she will go with them. I know i sound a bit extreme when i start imagining these scenarios but it does happen. What else can i do for her to realise how dangerous it can be talking to people you dont know as i have tried talking to her and explaining, shes been given rows, threats of losing luxuries such as ipad/a day out thats been planned being cancelled etc and then these threats have had to be carried through on quite a few occasions. Nothing seems to work šŸ˜”


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