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Can I have a private post to the correct page please? I’m asking any mums who …

Can I have a private post to the correct page please?

I’m asking any mums who have had twins or who’s pregnant with twins! When did you all start to feel uncomfortable in your pregnancy? And what can you do to ease it a little bit?
I’m only 16 weeks and the last few days Iv had pains all the way around my tummy. I presume it’s stretching pains and I understand there is two. But I don’t get how I can feel this uncomfortable already! It’s getting me down.
I didn’t feel like this until 28+ weeks with my singleton pregnancy.
Tia! X


6 thoughts on “Can I have a private post to the correct page please? I’m asking any mums who …

  • I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my twin boys, I first started with stretching pains and feeling uncomfortable at 8 weeks. It is no easy ride, so much harder than my single pregnancies. I don’t Sleep, struggle with breathlessness, awful back and hip pain and emotions that I can’t control. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Seeing them both growing at each scan (there will be a lot) is amazing. It’s hard work, but u can do it, rest as much as possible!! Accept all the help offered. And enjoy it x

  • I had SPD so from about 8 weeks, you may find you go through stages, there were some days I felt big and heavy, other days I felt fine. Also I was running round after a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old so obviously couldn’t rest the same I did with my singletons. BTW join twin Mums in the UK facebook group really helped me with questions I had. All the best 😊 x

  • Think it was about 18-20 weeks wen I started getting pretty uncomfortable. I was really big pregnant. Had huge bump by 8weeks that I couldn’t hide.
    I just tried to take my mind of it by doing stuff n try n rest wen u need to. Found I hurt more the more I done so suppose it’s just bodies way of saying slow down. I also had terrible heartburn n sickness the whole pregnancy x

  • Iv never had twins so Don’t have any advice but my youngest was 11lbs 3oz and I was so uncomfortable so I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable you must be with 2 in there!!

  • I feel the same lol, im will be 16wks tomorrow. Hips have been aching for weeks but stomach starting to feel uncomfortable. Ive just been trying to use a pillow as extra support and rest abit more, not that my 4 yr old will let me

  • I’m exactly the same, I’m 16 weeks to and have had this. I think it’s just tummy stretching. Just take it easy xx


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