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Can I please have a private post. This morning I received a phone call from Csa,…

Can I please have a private post. This morning I received a phone call from Csa, I thought well that was quick considering I’d only rang them a few weeks ago so anyway the woman just come straight out with “We have looked into the case setup however due to (my son’s Dad’s name) it isn’t possible for him to financially support his son due to him not earning enough money therefore he cannot afford to pay maintenance”. So let me just get this straight, he hasn’t seen his son for nearly 9 months he has never brought him a sock a vest a nappy or anything, he is constantly putting new trainers, watches, clothes or a new gadget all over social media weekly, he is a drug dealer & he is having yet another baby but of course has money for that & has money for another child yet he can’t financially support his 15 month old son when he knows how much I am struggling yet when I have rang him in the past he just laughs at me & denies that my boy is even his. Is there anything else I can do because I am really really struggling at the moment & I can’t cope with the constant stress of money. Please don’t judge or bash me, my son always has what he needs because I will always make sure of it like any parent would but obviously not this bastard, but it’s getting to the point where sometimes I can’t go food shopping for myself or pay my bills because I’ve got near enough fuck all. I can’t stop crying but I am so stressed out šŸ˜“šŸ˜£


7 thoughts on “Can I please have a private post. This morning I received a phone call from Csa,…

  • how can he not earn enough? benifits is the lowest you can earn and even they have to pay a fiver a week !!!!! thats bs.
    that has to be so frustrating for you. im sorry.

    but push through it. you and your child are entitled to his support!

  • Keep fighting with csa, don’t give up.. It took me 2 years but in the end I won, tell them he doesn’t see him, he has money n should legally be paying for his child, keep ringing you’ll soon speak to the right person

  • Sorry I’ve no idea about the csa stuff because I’ve not been through it… but I assume you are on income support with tax credits/benefits?? I am on the same and I have enough to pay bills without having to struggle. Unless your rent is massively high (which you should get housing benefit for anyway) I don’t see why you shouldn’t have enough money to get by. The benefits system goes by a “living wage” maybe try and budget, I find it helps me a lot. Doesn’t sound like your going to get any help from the father.

  • Are you sure this was a genuine phone call or maybe he got someone to phone you and say all this because he has to pay something even if its Ā£5 per week it’s the law xx

  • If hes not in work and he claims benefits i beleave that he has to pay 7 pound a week

  • I personally wouldn’t bother…. it don’t sound like he cares.. just try and budget and do the best u can šŸ˜Š


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