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Ppp hi, this post is probably just stupid and I’m over thinking too much, but I…


hi, this post is probably just stupid and I’m over thinking too much, but I was wondering if I could get some advice about SENCO’S and what people know about them. I’ve googled it and want some actual people with experience to explain, as I don’t seem to be understanding what it’s about.

here’s what’s happened – my daughter (5yo) is in reception, and since a month after starting in September last year, she’s been given a my school week folder which states that she needs improving on her listening skills, following an adults instructions and sensory diet (I don’t know what that is, Google didn’t help). she’s also been given a chewbuddy. I’ve been told by her teacher that a SENCO has instructed the teachers to give it to her. I have never met, talked (known of my daughters interaction) with the SENCO. how am I supposed to react to that? my mind is saying are they trying to label my daughter as special needs??? if so would’ve liked to been told. just want some honest advice (without any criticism) please, as I will think the worst.

thanks in advance

concerned mum.


12 thoughts on “Ppp hi, this post is probably just stupid and I’m over thinking too much, but I…

  • a senco is usually a teacher/head in the school who is trained to put things in place for children with special needs. It isn’t great communication by the school, they should have discussed everything with u – on a positive note at least they are providing help. I would go in and speak with them tomorrow morning. I’m sorry I’m not sure about sensory diet but 5 years old is only little her listening skills are still developing xxx

  • SENCO’s interact with all children that may need extra support, not just those with suspected or diagnosed special needs, so I wouldn’t worry.
    A sensory diet is a plan to help a child to stay focused and on task during their ‘learning’ time. Your daughter may just be finding the structure of school a little difficult but I would book a meeting with your SENCO just to find out what her teachers concerns are x

  • I am a SENCO for our nursery setting feel free to fire away questions? As the ladies have said before we work with children who have additional needs not just special needs such as child with English as an additional language (EAL) or maybe they just need support with something as simple as concentrating they should of had a meeting with you before putting anything in place xx

  • There supposed to be a special educational needs co ordinator all schools have one for children who have disabilities but also for children who have behavioural difficulties or even just difficulties in general, I.e speech delay, problems focusing Ect Ect they should have checked it with you first for giving her a chew buddy, because children only use them if there a chewer or biter, does she maybe chew her fingers? Sensory diet, can be linked to sensitivities to food or allergies or she has a sensory needs towards certain foods and textures? If she has none of that then the senco has no reason to say those sort of things, if I was you I’d call for a meeting with the senco and exactly ask what there doing, but no there not necessarily saying she has special needs but deffo call a meeting xxxxx

  • I was a SENCo until retirement. I can’t really add anything to the above advice except to say that I am concerned that you haven’t been aware of any concerns from school apart from Speech and Language. I agree that you should ask for a meeting and ask that you are fully informed of any further intervention. xx

  • A senco would only get involved with a child if a teacher has raised concerns. Best advice would be to ask to have a meeting with them to find out what is happening xx

  • Perhaps school are picking up on a few problems and tbf its good they are doing something about it early. They will try and put things in place and see if she improves or if further support is needed. But if I was u go n have a chat with the senco at school and ask if they have any concerns.

    Do u have any concerns? Development wise or anything?

    My sons under senco as he has autism and my daughter under senco for anxiety and has chew toys x

  • My sons senco worked with him for years doing various interventions to improve his reading/writing/processing skills. When all that failed they contacted me, told me of thier concerns and what they had done to try and improve it and asked if I would mind if they reffered him to the areas dyslexia team. I can speak to his SENco teacher whenever if i have concerns about him and they are helping me with a refferal to camhs for suspected asd. The SENco has been a life saver and without them noticing my sins struggles, he would still be stuck feeling like a failure x

  • I would talk with school. We all want our children to not have any issues, we always see the best in them. The school might have seen some issues, yes they should have told you but now you know you can ask them. My son was under senco, not for special needs but additional needs. He was behind at everything (he’s now caught up), his speech wasn’t brilliant, didn’t interact properly.

  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Request a meeting with her/him. She/he should be accessible if you have concerns 🙂

  • I know about sensory diet and sensory listening skills, many schools prefer to use for improving skills, there are lot’s of sensory store you just need to find your nearest sensory store using google store owner absolutely help you in full fill you needs .


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