Could have have a pp please So I am obviously going to school tomorrow to talk …

Could have have a pp please
So I am obviously going to school tomorrow to talk to them about this but one I would like to know how other mums would approach the situation as at the moment I am understandably mad and two some of the questions or points you would raise as at moment I can’t think straight!
So my 8 year old boy came home from school today the first thing he does is pull his lunchbox out and ask if he can eat his dinner. Obviously I am confused so I say yes but why did you not eat it in school to which he reply’s he wasn’t allowed to by his table so at this point I am confused even more and upset that all he’s eaten all day is an apple a small bag of crisps and a chocolate bar so I ask why were you not allowed to he say that two of the girls on his table started being mean about his lunch saying how disgusting it was and how if he ate it or took it out they would be sick.
My son say he then put his lunch on the bench so they couldn’t see as the girls didn’t want to see it either so he could eat his crisps to which a teacher comes over tells him off and says it should be on table or away she walked of she didn’t ask why he had it there or anything so my son puts it away. I am mad for two reasons one these girls in affect bullied my son in to not eating his lunch just because they didn’t like it and two the dinner ladies / teachers who failed to notice that a child was going hungry.what would you ladies do please.
In his lunch box was tuna pasta salad one of his favourites.
Thank you


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