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Could I get a post please ?? sorry for the long post … Am I over reacting by t…

Could I get a post please ?? sorry for the long post … Am I over reacting by this post??? My partner is never in our house with me and our 3 month old son. Before having the baby we used to go out all the time and spend so much time together. I thought maybe it’s because he’s stressed or something as it’s hard to get a conversation out of him. But we have no worries, the baby is really good with sleeping etc, he never cries unless his gums are hurting (he’s teething) Wer both only 20 but we’ve bought our own house, both drive, both work full time (I’m on maternity ATM) so I don’t think there’s anything WWE struggling with ?? I just feel like he wants to be around everyone else and not us? I do everything for the baby, sterilise bottles,feed him, change him, got him with me 24/7 .. so the baby can’t be putting stress on him as he doesn’t do anything for him?? I do all the house work and cooking, I do all the food shopping , we are not short of money so I really can’t think of any other reason why he’s acting this way ??? I asked him to put up a net in our bedroom 2 months ago and it’s still not done yet as soon as his parents or siblings or friends want him to do something he does it straight away?? Every opportunity he gets he always rushes off, doesn’t say goodbye to me or the baby just shoots off and says he’s going out ?? how can it go from so good to so shit in just a few months ?? I don’t get down about it because I have my little boy to keep me going but when it comes to the night that’s all I think about!!


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