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Could I have a ppp? Please no bashing this is stressful enough….im looking for…

Could I have a ppp? Please no bashing this is stressful enough….im looking for advice off of anyone who has been in this situation..

My aunty and her partner had there kids taken off of her a few months back, she’s hooked on heroin and he’s an ‘recovering alcholic’ her 3 youngest have been moved to foster homes, the eldest who is 17 has been left with them…now I’ve finally been able to speak to the eldest and build a relationship back with him after 4 years..On Friday I received a message from her partner asking me to tell the 17 yr old he’s not left him, so I went round, he was home alone, he come to mine and after telling him I’ve received this message he’s opened up and told me, his mother has left and does this all the time for upto 3 weeks at a time, and he didn’t know where her partner was, turns out he left her and has moved, the 17yr old had no food no money nor a phone to contact anyone, he is now with me and has been since then, the problem i have now got is…her partner is constantly ringing me drunk, telling me how he’s going to better his life for him and the kids and will be back in a few days, she’s telling me she’s in a refuge and doesn’t wanna come home if her partner is there….but the 17 yr old is now wanting to go home when her partner comes back, I’m really concerned for his welfare and what he’s around, he’s suppose to be going to uni in August and I don’t believe that will happen all he has is 2 pair of jeans and 2 tops, no money or anything and they are unable to support him, I want him to stay with me, and better his life I just don’t know what to do next…as u can imagine this is really hard for me I’ve never been in this situation before, just looking for advice…


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