Could I have a PPP, so it’s not in regards to my pregnancy or baby, but my ex re…

Could I have a PPP, so it’s not in regards to my pregnancy or baby, but my ex recently walked back into my life the only reason he left was because the mum of his 2 year old son refused all access unless he moved to leeds with her. And at the time his son was only a few months old and he wanted that relationship with him. So moved 79 miles from family friend and all support network for him. But recently she kicked him out and with having no where else to go his parents are not in a position to have him stop there, he’s sleeping on my sofa. Yes we both still have feelings for each other and there have been talks about getting back together in the future and that he’ll always be here for me and my expected son. However the ex is making things very difficult, she won’t give his birth certificate or bank card back and is making it impossible for him to start building his life back up. We can’t get a new bank card because he has no birth certificate or proof of address of him being in lincoln. We’ve managed to order a new birth certificate but can’t get him a bank account without proof of address. But the major issue is, is the fact she won’t allow access unless he travels there to see him for a few hours at a time. We’ve made civil requests that he’ll go pick his son up and drop him off but have him over night for a few nights a fortnight because the £60 in travel isn’t viable currently for 3/4 hours at a time. But she’s stopping it. I feel useless because he’s so unhappy as he misses his son and I just don’t know how I can help. Anyone else known something or been through something similar and how’d you over come it?


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