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Could please have private post – I would like to know others opinion and what …

Could please have private post – I would like to know others opinion and what they would do ? .. so my other halfs parents are drug addicts ! My other half has 3 young siblings that live with them one being 9 and one being 13 and one 22 now the problem is that my in laws were meant to go away and get clean we had the 13 year old for 2 weeks and in this time she has opened up and broken down about how unhappy she is at home and how horrible the older sister is to her (22 ) we knew they didn’t not get on but not how bad it was also how bad her and her mums relationship is getting she is also now aware of what drugs the parent had been taking as the dad told her but mum refuse to admite it … she constantly left to look after the 9 year old boy and has no social life cause of it , she’s always left to do the house work sort her brother out for school … as we know the mum favours the little boy and always got time for him but not the 13 year old her and her mum are at the point over all they do is argue and the and she can’t stand bring around her mum while doing what she’s doing ! We have found out that the 2weeks we had her they didn’t go away and sort there self out but stayed at home ( witch is 10 minutes away from us ) they never let her or us know that they hadn’t go but just left her here ! She didn’t want to go home has asked to say with us for a bit we said to back for a few day see how it is and we will talk and sort something out Friday ! It kicked if from the minutes she got in and said it to babysitting and stated to her parents the she want to live with her brother intill they sort there self out and she is unhappy at home … they dad was up set but understanding and said yes is that what she need and mum kick of saying they need her there and he brother was a lier and monipulating her ( even tho she have not gilded her anything if what they do we don’t ever see them for months they only phone when want money or us to look after the kids ) and she is not allowed to are house no more ! She’s being horrible leaving her brother behind and she had till Friday to changer her mind or els and now the dad has changed his mind to and said she ain’t leaving the house ! She’s saying she’s going anyways or will run to one of her friends house.. now I don’t no what to do obviously is she turns up I wouldn never turn her away but I’ve tried taking her into staying at home but even myself deep down I know it is not a good idea for her to be at home but don’t want to get into no trouble ! My other have is 24 and me 20 we have a 5 year old and only a 2 bed flat ( I don’t care about making room for her but don’t no legally what is aloud or how to deal with this situation

All help , advise or opinion welcome thank you in advance xx


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