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Hello please could I have a public private post? Wanting advise about a partner…

Hello please could I have a public private post?
Wanting advise about a partner breaking trust.
I’ve been with my partner 2 and a half years we have a 1 year old and I’m due in 8 weeks. We had an issues a few months ago with him messaging another girl while VERY drunk chatting to her about how she should of told him she liked him sooner then ‘her child could of been his’. He then two weeks later broke the news to me he had bet away £800+ and couldn’t afford to pay the rent. I’ve struggled to trust him since he was banned from drinking but I slowly began trusting him again drinking pints as he turns horrible when drinking spirits. He was also banned from betting but went behind my back 6 times to bet. He went out tonight for a few pints to watch football (he agreed to just drink pints) but he accidentally rang me and I heard him order vodka red bulls and was VERY drunk. I don’t know what to do he doesn’t stick to what he’s says and im struggling to trust him again since he’s breaking such little promises all the time. I love him very very much and this is really hard for me with being pregnant and having a toddler I know I’d cope on my own because he never helps with our little girl anyway. But I’m just seeking advise or opinions as I really don’t know what to do or if I’m over reacting I’m only 21 😞


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