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Could you put this on without my name please I found out early last week I was…

Could you put this on without my name please

I found out early last week I was almost 2 weeks pregnant, from my dates I would have been 3 weeks and one day one Sunday when I started bleeding.
I went to the doctors Monday where he told me there was basically nothing he could do and that I was miscarrying.
I was so upset and wasn’t thinking straight so just excepted it.. today I rang the hospital and they have explained that I can have a blood test.
Just a cry out for hope I guess, has anyone had all the symptoms of a miscarriage and gone on to have a healthy baby? 😔
I am really worried.
Sorry for the long post


8 thoughts on “Could you put this on without my name please I found out early last week I was…

  • Can you comment on my post please
    Thankyou for everyone’s time,
    I will be making a complaint when I go in tomorrow, he told me I had to wait until 7 weeks for a scan to find out if in fact I’d miscarried or if it was just bleeding, but “it’s gods way of picking the healthy babies” is exactly what he said to me.
    I am going for a pregnancy hormone blood test tomorrow when I find out, unfortunately I do think and feel as though I’ve lost the baby but was just looking for some hope I guess.
    Thanks again

  • I had a bleed at the beginning of both my pregnancies and have two healthy boys.. also had one bleed and loads of pain which was a miscarriage … hope all goes ok for you x

  • I had bleeding around 6 weeks was told I was probably miscarrying and I’m now 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy active baby. I hope all goes well for you ❤️ x

  • I kept views in they said I was prob misscarryin, but my son is now 22 moths old, I was bleedin on n of right through pregnancy was a horrible pregnancy but I have my little man at the end of it, I do hope ur little bundle stays tucked up safe n sound in there or u 💓 xx

  • Hi I had a bled at 6 weeks and passed a clot still pregnant currently 9 weeks and 1 day had scan yesterday as losing old blood and docs are saying it’s implantation bleeding.
    Hope your ok…

  • Yes. With my first daughter I had a full blown miscarriage at 6 weeks, and yet 2 weeks later at an ultrasound, there she was! Turns out she was a multiple and decided she didn’t want to be so she kicked everyone else out.

  • Your doc should have sent you to hospital regardless surely? I hope what he said does not come true, xxx


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