Dearest Harry Go Be You

Dear Harry,

Darling Harry.

We have watched you grow from a smiley, cheeky little boy, who adored his mother, his brother and his little trio, to one who quickly had to grow up. Overnight.

We watched , along with the whole world, as your life, your grief and your pain….was blasted all over our television screens.

We watched you walk behind …that…carriage.

We watched you, a little 12 year old boy, be expected to keep up with the men around you, and emotionally cope with what you were being faced with. You had no hand to hold. No arms to bury yourself in. No one wiping away the tears you no doubt desperately wanted to cry.

We watched, little one, as Princess Diana was paraded, slowly, in front of millions. But she wasn’t a Princess to you. She was ‘mummy’. And you suddenly lost the someone who made you smile, laugh, and gave you affection like no other person in your life.

We watched as the world kept turning. But yours stood still.

We watched you struggle as a teenager and young adult with this new reality.

We watched you rebel against the expectations of ‘your lot’.

We watched you just want to be normal. Despite being reminded that you’re not.

We watched you push the boundaries of what a member of the royal family could do. Where they could serve. Who they could be.

We watched as you tried to find fulfillment.

We watched you establish the Invictus Games, so many charities, and help so many gain purpose back in their lives, when you were still struggling to find your own .

We watched as you, finally, found someone warm, caring, happy….someone who, like your mother, wasn’t afraid to show you love and affection in public. She loved you, and she didn’t care who knew it or what people thought.

We watched the press pick her apart.

We watched you hate them for it.

We watched you become a husband infront of millions. A much happier man.

We watched you become a father, and saw how proud you were of your wife and son.

We watched you protect with everything you have – your own little family. We know why: we saw what happened to your mother. We saw. The media is a cruel, heartless beast.

We watched as you found your calling. You found who you are. You found more of Harry. And less of the Prince.

We watched you smile again. A beaming smile. Holding your baby. Holding your wife’s hand.

We watched you be brave. So brave.

You’ve given us enough.

You owe us no explanation.

We watched as you got a taste of a more fulfilling, quieter, healthier life.

We watched you shock the world by admitting that, yes, you just wanted to live it.

As Harry. Meghan. And Archie.

We watched you say, Prince or not- I am also a father, a husband, and a man. Let me be one.

And so …

We will be watching, proudly, as you go off to start your new chapter. You won’t lose us.

We will be watching, relieved, as you finally get to live your days as YOU choose to. That little boy, with his head down, in his big suit, walking behind his mother’s dead body – that little boy who has had to rebuild his world, do his ‘royal’ duties, and have his mental health dragged through the mud ever since.

We will be watching – as much as YOU decide we can – intrigued as to what you will get up to. Where you’ll be. What. Who.

Go …. be strong.

Go …. be happy.

Go…. Be….You.

We will be watching.

And so will she ♥️ xxxx

©Mummy Mumbles 2020



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