Do You Have A Friendship Like This?

Friendship is:

-Picking your friend up with a busted knee

-Looking in the rain to find a chemist in a strange place

-Coming together even just for a walk

-Blowing a hand-dryer to hide your friends toilet issues

-Giving up the double bed

-Laughing at the rubbish jokes they make

-Celebrating your friend’s ability to finally poo after 3 days

-Falling asleep when your friends are talking without them thinking you’re rude

-Being able to share secrets with going no further

-Confidence boosters

-Talking about your fears with no judgements

Finally, travelling distances just for that one hug. Through mums advice I am thankful to have met some beautiful, fun-loving ladies.

If you are feeling lonely or need someone to talk to the admins at Mums advice are ready and willing to help.

Did you know we also have a pen pal group to help mums to make lasting friendship.

Life is often hectic, life is often hard but life is made so much easier with real friends by you side, they don’t have to live round the corner, some friends you don’t even get to meet but the are always just a message a way.

A laugh or a cry with a friend can be such a stress reliever.

Do you have someone who is always there for you no matter what? If not take a look at Mums advice pen pals & new friends (Facebook group)

Do you have a true, funny, heart breaking or inspiring story you would like to share with us? Are you trying to raise awareness of any topic(doesn’t have to be parenting related) or would you like us to do so on your behalf? Are you interested in advertising on Mums advice Facebook page and or website and want to know our rates? If you answered yes to any of these then please send us an email to

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