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This Cheap Little Bag Stole My Sons Life


Cheaper than alcohol and far too easy to get hold of. It’s on every street and I’ve only just found out that most kids are taking it. They don’t even bother trying to get alcohol now, if they do it’s a ‘bonus’

Well this lovely little bag of white that cost around a tenner nearly cost my son his life. My son who turned 14 at the beginning of the month, who I’d never have even thought would even consider being so stupid. My son who went out with ‘friends’ – friends of which left him to die on a cold wet pavement all alone when it started to get serious.

I received a phone call from a stranger who had used his phone to call me, a lovely lady called Jane who had been driving past and saw my baby boy convulsing so severely he’s lucky he didn’t crack his skull. It took several grown adults to pin him down to prevent injury whilst keeping his airways clear and fetching blankets and duvets until I could get there.

I watched him as he turned blue in the back of the ambulance, I watched as he was put to sleep in intensive care to prevent any further damage, I watched as machines had to do his breathing for him. I watched the look of desperation on my mums face, pleading with the doctors to tell her her grandson would live. ….

….. he did, he’s alive, there’s no lasting injuries just the memory of that night. Thank God!

But as for his friends….. there are no words, well there are but il refrain. How dare anyone, let alone a friend leave someone, so young, so vulnerable, so close to death-so alone? I bet you all went back to your own warm beds and planned your next night out on ‘magic’



One thought on “This Cheap Little Bag Stole My Sons Life

  • I really feel for you, it’s hard seeing your baby ill and I’m so glad he’s okay! Mothers need words with their children it’s one thing doing something silly but another to leave someone dying in the street! X


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