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Exhausted with life I have a partner who is basically a parasite he works but do…

Exhausted with life I have a partner who is basically a parasite he works but doesn’t contribute I’m 30 soon and going out with my mum rarely go out he’s borrowed 2 lots of £20 for beer and Fags I have 50 to go out with more than enough for me he’s stated tonight we’ll struggle in fifty for drinks for both of us and he wants a tenner to to have his hair cut! Keeps pestering who I’m talking to I just want a nice night with my mum, sick of it constantly have nothing while he leeches on to all he can! I just want him to go but he guilt trips me and begs and pleads that he needs me and I give in haven’t the energy! Every direction on my life is collapsing socially, financially, physically,emotionally want to pack up my two babies and run away but not brave enough sorry for the rant 😞 and self pity


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  • Get rid of him. I don’t know why you’re posting you already know you don’t want him anymore. Good Luck for the New Year. New Year and new start. You’ll feel minted once you’ve thrown out the rubbish x

  • What u have to think is can u rearly see urself in another 5 years being dragged down like this and not enjoying ur life like you said ur 30 hun ur young , get rid of ur that down hun and grab life by the horns, life is far too short for u to be unhappy and your kids will pick up on it too, I was in the same situation 8 months ago I was that low I became numb to my now ex I decided one morning that was it I need my life and I did it don’t get me wrong it was hard some days but my kids got me threw and seeing how much they changed to made it all worth while and now I couldn’t be happier with my life I have loads of new friends I get invited places I have my freedom my life and my self confidence back , you can do it you will be surprised how strong u actually are xxx

  • He clearly has you wrapped around his finger!! Tell him to leave and no matter what excuses etc he comes out with, stick to it x

  • So he works but doesn’t contribute and still takes money from you? What the hell does he spend his money on?? If I was you I would get rid of him (you 1000% deserve better) and go out with your mum to celebrate your birthday and celebrate the fact you are free from a man who seems to take everything from you and gives you nothing. You can do so much better x

  • Stop feeding him the money I mean he is suppose to be a man and support his family if he not able he shouldn’t have one


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