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For People Who Work In Care

For people who work in care, 🥰
checking and changing pads is the norm.
you know loads of old songs.
your team of 2 can get over 20 adults in to bed within an hour or so making sure 100% care and dignity is given.
you find yourself repeating things you say just to make a dementia patient feel safe.

the word CQC sends panic through you even though you know everything will be fine.

if you don’t come home exhausted and sweaty you know you haven’t worked the hardest that you can, after a long hard day.

you hate it when your friends say “why are you so tired? you only wipe bums and make cups of tea all day” forgetting that care is 100x more than that.
you know what everyone likes for breakfast and how they like their tea/coffee without even having to ask them and you also know their favourite place to sit, time to go to bed and favourite thing to watch or do.

you struggle on a daily basis to try and get people to eat and drink fluids just so they stay alive.

you can recite all the bowel types and a detailed explanation of what they look like without looking at the chart.

there are hundreds of clothes and footwear but you know who they belong to.

you’re there when they wake up and there when they go to sleep.
you’re there on the good days and the bad.
you’re also there when they need end of life care right up until their last breath, putting your own fears aside and talking to them or stroking their hair as they take their shallow breaths.

you care for these people like they are your own, helping them, listening, reassuring, laughing, cuddling.

you leave work looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards despite leaving the house in a respectable way hours earlier, but you know what?
i’m a carer and I’m PROUD! 👩🏻‍⚕️

I’m proud of all my team whom work so hard day in day out. During normal times and the toughest we have even seen due to COVID-19.

We are NOT unskilled workers – we are hard working with individual talents , knowledge, we all have training in specific areas of the care sector so for those who say it’s easy come give me 12 hours of you time and I’ll show you just what it takes to be care worker!!

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