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The Kids Of 2020


If you find yourself changed by the events of this decade so far,
imagine how it’s affected the kids.
We have been alive for many years and been through a lot,
you and I,
and yet,
this has hit us pretty hard and shaken our very core.
Based on percentages,
the kids now only really know and remember this ‘new normal’.
The old days will be very much in the past to them,
on the scale of their little lives.
So, as they leave the safety of summer and head back into this ever-changing world.
Remember, they are kids.
Let them fidget,
let them cry,
let them come home and fuss over nothing,
let them cuddle a little longer,
let them into your bed if that’s where they find their peace.
They are not with us for long.
And this world is scary right now, so much change and so much risk and the talk of ‘going backwards’ an ever present threat.

And as for the teenagers, try looking through their bolshy exteriors and see the inner child cowering inside.

Let the kids do what they need to, they have been through a lot.

Donna Ashworth

Art by Lucy Campbell ‘Starry Bear’ Lucy Campbell

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