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Hello could I have a ppp it’s kind of a long story but I’m just gonna go for it …

Hello could I have a ppp it’s kind of a long story but I’m just gonna go for it me and my boyfriend have been on and off again since middle school we were together for 2.5 years then we split over a really bad argument and I moved on had my daughter and got married at 17 well my marriage fell apart due to my ex husband doing drugs and I went back to my boyfriend and have been back with him ever since but I cook clean do laundry take care of my daughter do all the grocery shopping cleaning of both our vehicles and all he does is work he says since he works he shouldnt have to do anything more then what he wants to do he works maybe 3 days a week and i pay most of our bills but he refuses to watch the baby when he is off so I have to pay a sitter which she is 18 months and nothing to handle she will play in her room and watch movies all day if you let her just feed her keep her sippy full and change her when she asks but his dad passed away not to long after we broke up the first time before I got married and ever since we have been back together he doesn’t seem to love me he seems to use me for sex he calls me names and tells me I’m lazy and don’t do anything for him he taunts my daughter and calls it playing with her which is how his parents played with him but I don’t think it’s acceptable flicking her and taunting her with food screaming at her to make her jump and be scared I don’t know what I am really looking for but he has been like this since his dad passed away and I am just looking on some tips to help him because he was never like this before he was the sweetest man ever and he used to love children I just don’t know what happened 😭


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