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Hello, I’ve never asked for a private post before but looking for some advice an…

Hello, I’ve never asked for a private post before but looking for some advice and wondering if you could help?! 😓

I found out that I was expecting baby no.2 and by clear blue I was 2-3 weeks
A week later I passed a clot and blood, sorry tmi 🙈
Got my bloods tested and my hcg levels had dropped and said I had miscaried, therefor sent me to the hospital for the ‘next step’ only to re test my blood and find they had increased not by much but they had increased thinking I may be having an ectopic, to then be scanned and found what looks like a pregnancy of 5 weeks, the sonographer said if she was looking for a pregnancy this is what she would expect to find ( black blob with a white outline )

So my question is, how likely am I to actually go ahead to have a normal pregnancy, can anyone relate? Will be re tested next week to see if ‘blob’ has grown but finding it hard to get my head around it

Thanks mums advice page ☺️please keep anon xx


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  • I was around 6-7 weeks pregnant and had a bleed with passing clots with no pain. I went to my urgent care centre and they said nothing they could do as i was so early etc and sent me to a+e.. I done a urine sample and bloods and doctor sat me down and said that mt text had came back a very very faint positive and my hcg levels was low which was showing that i had miscareied.
    I had to do a test 3 days later.
    I waited 2 days and tested it was a strong positive the next day i done again and it was the same.
    I rung hospital and they told me to go in for a scan, they could see i had a bleed but didnt no why.
    But to our suprise there was my daughter on screen and simply perfect…
    I was left a couple of days thinking i had lost her.
    She is almost 2 xx

  • I had similar with mine..was to early to scan so had to wait..a few days later there was my baby on screen and perfectly healthy..!! I ended up having a ‘period’ every month for the next 5 months..!! She’s going to be 1 next week ☺️

  • I had this with my rainbow baby. Very faint positive pregnancy test then bled heavily 2 days later. Went to hospital took bloods and levels were very low told i was miscarrying. Went back 3 days later to make sure levels had gone down (to make sure everything came away) and levels had increased. Booked me in a week later told me if bloods doubled they would scan me. Went back levels more than doubled and they gave me an internal scan. There was a sac that was 21mm and next to it a black dot where i was bleeding from it was 19mm. I dont know if my pregnancy was origionally twins but i think its strange that it was more or less the same size as the viable sac. This was just 3 months after i lost my angel baby so my head was all over the place. But this is my daughter who is 3. The one that they told me i was miscarrying. I continued to bleed up intil around 13 weeks. I keep my fingers crossed for you that you have a happy outcome ❤

  • I misscarried twin but couldsee the other sack and my hormones were too high to be misscarrying but i may have been further on than you x


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