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hey could I please get a private post – I’m just looking for advice on what to a…

hey could I please get a private post – I’m just looking for advice on what to and if you girls have been in a similar situation-

so me and my little boys dad split when my little one was 2 and half. we split as he had a really bad drug habit – we had tried to make it work over a months before splitting but I couldn’t take him lying to me and letting my little one down. I did everything I could to help him. But you can’t help a person who doesn’t want to be helped..after the break up I had dealer messaging me looking for him because he owed money. And had threats.. fast forward 2 and half. his family told me how well he was doing and that he moved back home to save up to buy a house etc. he’d had seen his little boy for 2 and half years. so me and him meet up and had a chat and he looked so well and it really did look like he’d got his life back on track. He started to take my boy for dinner after school for a few hours about 3 times a week. Then it went to once for diner in the week and once over night at the weekend. We were building on a friendship and it was like I got my best friend back. After a few months he started coming to mine for dinner and we’d speak on a regular basis. Just as friends. We definitely wasn’t going to her back together, was purely friendship. He came to me about 6 weeks, basically things we’re working at home and he needs get out of there. I said he could come and stay with us till he finds a flat. he was at mine for a total of 3 weeks. He’d build a good bond with my son but so also my 7 month old daughter too. I found him a flat and he got it. Since he moved out, I’ve barely heard anything from him. And when I do he’s absolutely vile to me. He doesn’t come over anymore. And it’s really disheartening as I helped him out out again. When he stayed at mine he only gave me £30 and he’s on a decent wage. And was using all my water gas food electric. He’s going out a lot more than he was and I’ve been told he’s using steroids. He is well built. And getting bigger. Hes not spoke or seen my little boy in over a week😔 he’s not even rang him like he use to. I am scared incase he’s started using again.. and I can’t ask as he loses his temper very quickly and I don’t want the children to see that…
I just don’t want my little boy to get hurt again..
how do I approach this? Any advice would much appreciate..


One thought on “hey could I please get a private post – I’m just looking for advice on what to a…

  • He used u to get out of his mothers house u sorted him and now he dose nt want to know r both kids his if so he should b paying more. He migr b bk k drugs and if so u dnt nd that in ur or ur kids livies I woukd let him. Rot and do no more fir him


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