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Hi, can i have a follow up post? I wrote on here on Sunday about how i though m…

Hi, can i have a follow up post?

I wrote on here on Sunday about how i though my husband was playing away, and then monday morning i posted that we talked about it and he reassured me everything was fine. Well, Monday lunch time I got a message saying he was leaving me, he didn’t love me, and he couldn’t tell me to my face. I’ve had a hell of a lot to deal with over the last few months, and that was the final thing that pushed me over the edge. I felt like everything I’d loved had left me over the last few months, and then i lost the person who was my rock. Never before have i felt so low… i took my daughter to her aunties so i could have some space and not let her see my cry. I went for a walk, poured my heart out to my husband but got nothing but cold hearted sorries and blame… i went and got a couple bottles of wine (dont usually drink) and headed home for a bath. I went to get a glass and saw my big pack of prescription painkillers. Something inside me just made me grab them, hide in the garden shed, at take them whilst downing the wine… i literally couldn’t stop myself… i felt like i couldn’t take any more… i was on the last tablet in a packet and i just thought ‘I’ve done something stupid’. I called my mum who came and took me to a&e. All i can say is it was horrible… i don’t no why i did it, never had the urg before. It hasn’t helped with the pain or the grieving, if anything its made it worse because now i feel like i don’t want to face my family and talk about it, and i only have a couple of friends who have their own troubles. So I’m just wondering, for anyone whos been in this situation before, how did you cope? What did you do? I’m finding it hard to be positive when i cant imagine a future where i still have to see him and be around him because of our little girl.
Sorry for the long post x


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