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Hi can I have a private post please, I just wondered if anyone has any experienc…

Hi can I have a private post please, I just wondered if anyone has any experience with a child with a speech and language delay, basically my 4 year old has a speech and language delay, so we have to be really Patient with him and speak slowly it takes him a while to understand what we are saying to him but over the last 6 months or so he has become really aggressive, and lashing out, for example today he was playing with dad and his younger sister and I saw him out of the corner of my eye he grabbed something and hit his dad in his face so hard he has a cut and black eye😱 this isn’t the first time it has happened but afterwards he was really sorry and sad that he had hurt dad, I know that a child of his age has to learn to control themselves and it takes time, but I am concerned that he has an underlying issue or that we are not fully understanding his speech and language delay, he is quite clued up and he is bright I think he knows what he is doing, but his outbursts seem to becoming more aggressive, I don’t know to be honest there are other things that make me look at him and wonder, he is a typical boy doesn’t sit still but he has started rolling his tongue around his mouth all the time and he twiddles his hands all the time? He is only 4 so maybe we are over reacting as we have an 11 year old that has slipped through the system and is still on a waiting list to get the right help, I just wondered if anyone has experienced this with a speech and language delay? Just a little advice or personal experiences would be grateful, I might just add that he is getting extra help in school and they are positive that he will respond well to the help he will be getting, thanks in advance


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