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Hi can I have a private post please . I became a mum 18 months Ago . I absolute…

Hi can I have a private post please .
I became a mum 18 months Ago . I absolutely love being a mum , it’s just at the moment I’m feeling down about life in general . My parents live abroad so I don’t have anyone around me , only my partners side of the family . I just feel like everyday is the same and it’s gets me down like seeing another pile of washing up , more laundry to do etc . I don’t really see my friends anymore and making friends at groups is hard as no one really makes an effort to talk to me as they already have their own little groups amongst themselves. Literally the sound of my partners keys coming through the door makes me so happy to know I’m not alone . I feel like my mental health is really going down hill . And my poor partner has to listen to me when he gets home and I don’t want him to see me always so sad . The only place I really go out to is Tesco or clothes shops ( to look around ) . I work 2 days a week and take my son with me but even then I count down the hours until home time , I just find it so boring . I just wanted to know if anyone else ever feels like this ? I really don’t know what I can do to help myself . I just want to be the happy person I once was . My son really picks up on it when I’m sad and really hugs me 😢
Need some advice please


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