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Hi can i have a private post please not baby related. Need some advice please am…

Hi can i have a private post please not baby related. Need some advice please am I over reacting? So my partner went out on Sunday with his mates (I have no issues with this) the first I heard from him was this evening when he wanted to come to my house! No call no text stayed out all night I left my house open as he said he would be coming home but I had to go to bed and he wasn’t back. I told him I don’t want him coming in making a racket as he usually does when he has had a lot to drink as our little one will have been in bed. Like I said there was no contact from when he went out at around 4pm yesterday to about 5pm today when I got a text asking if I was home I wasn’t but he threatened to break into my house if I wasn’t home soon! Anyway I got home and told him if he was coming here not to bring any more beer as I knew he would have been drinking today as it’s not the first time he’s done this (but it is since we have had a child) he barges through the door and pulls some cans out of his bag! I was fuming! I don’t want my little one around anyone that has drank as much as he will have and he still carries on! I asked him to go drink somewhere else and his reply was that I had to throw him out… I have ignored him all evening and can’t bare to look at him as he obviously has a lack of respect for what I want in my house and for our child. He makes me more angry everything I hear him open another beer! Any thoughts or advice? Sorry for the long post xx


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