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Hi can I have a private post please So I’m 15weeks pregnant, and I can’t stop …

Hi can I have a private post please
So I’m 15weeks pregnant, and I can’t stop getting worried over slightest of things, someone will comment on my partners fb status and I’ll instantly think they hate me and out to get me,
I have a three year old and I keep having the worst dreams imaginable, I’ve dreamt that horrible things happen to her, not because I want them just because it’s something that happens, I wake up feeling guilty and instantly go and check she’s ok. I told my partner one of my nightmares (which I won’t say it’s that horrific) and he said ‘that’s crazy you need help’
Is it normal to experience stuff like this in pregnancy? I’m lost thank you.
Please no harsh comments!


4 thoughts on “Hi can I have a private post please So I’m 15weeks pregnant, and I can’t stop …

  • I had horrendous nightmares when I was pregnant, also involving my 3 year old son. It was such a terrible time! It did ease as I got further along. My midwife said it was to do with hormones!
    My anxiety was also increased which i kind of put down to lack of sleep & being overly sensitive.
    Really hope it passes soon bless you xx

  • I think it is normal, I have bad anxiety anyway but I’m 13+2 and the dreams I’m having are wild nothing like I usually would. Mostly about my partner leaving me over and over and other awful things. I also read too much into stuff on fb and get myself worked up. I think its normal cos of all the hormones but its worth mentioning to doctor or midwife if you start to feel hopeless or are stressing yourself out severely x

  • Pregnancy can you make you paranoid believe me I know what it’s like I don’t think your crazy at all I’m 20+weeks and I’m turning psychotic 😂 Although the dreams you have are probably due to hormones and anxiety I have these the other day I had a dream my daughter was drowning and I was giving birth it was horrible I was crying in my sleep woke up covered in sweat and tears and checked she was ok . Why do you have these dreams no one knows but my mw says it’s recorded a lot in pregnancy believe it or not xxx

  • Vivid dreams can be normal. But worrying that someone is out to get you definitely is not. You should definitely speak to your doctor. You sound like you’re bordering on a serious mental health episode,and urge you to seek help urgently


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