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Hi can I have a private post plz thanks last week on Tuesday I told my partner I…

Hi can I have a private post plz thanks last week on Tuesday I told my partner I didn’t want to be with him and I was sitting on floor trying to get my son ready and my partner pushed me I fell on floor and then he hit me with my sons pants twice on my neck and stomach and my son at this point was walking around the sofa he didn’t seem to notice only thing is I need my partner I have no family that help he has a daughter over every sat and itl be unfair to leave I need advice on what to do as I dnt want it to happen again and it wa any fault for saying I didn’t love him


9 thoughts on “Hi can I have a private post plz thanks last week on Tuesday I told my partner I…

  • It’s not right but I’m used to it so it normal behaviour to me I feel bad for my son

  • Can I reply thanks I e been in this relationship for five years now so I’m used to it

  • I was sitting on floor and yh he pushed me his face went black when it happened and I feel back into the floor

  • You don’t NEED your partner ..know you & son are worth way more pack a bag and leave .. your sons seeing that behaviour and thinking it’s right.
    Would you like your son to treat women that way when he’s older?

  • Don’t mean to sound stupid. But if you were sitting on the, how did you fall on the floor. My partner has knocked passed me before and I’ve lost balance, didn’t mean he was being abusive. Also being ‘hit’ with a pair of pants, doesn’t mean he’s being abusive either. We ‘hit’ each other with towels, pants, etc all the time but this is playful. You’ve told him you no longer want to be with him, so he’s probably frustrated with you. Also you say later in your post, that you ‘need’ your partner. You can’t have it both ways. If your partner was abusive before you told him you didn’t want to be with him, I’d leave. But if his actions are since you’ve told him, talk to him and say you’re not happy with being treated like this.

  • You have to leave! Our shouldn’t be USED to it regardless of how long you’ve been together its wrong! You son probably knows a lot more than you think.

  • It’s unfair for you son to see him doing that to you. Kids pick up on a lot more than you Think!xxx

  • Leave if you want to keep your kids it only takes your children to tell a teacher social will be involved the way your speaking thry will remove your kids because you are not safe guarding them has horrible as i sound ive been here so before it gets to bad kids are messed up walk away and be happy


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