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Hi can I have some advice. My little girl is lactose intolerant.. She’s on nutra…

Hi can I have some advice. My little girl is lactose intolerant.. She’s on nutramigen, has been from about 8 weeks. We have tried her with normal milk and dairy again bit it doesn’t agree with her, She’s 9 months now and I had a phone consultation with her dietician today and have an appointment this week. She’s expected her to be having 3 meals a day plus finger foods (snacks) but everything we have tried her with she’s sick. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone with the same situation, and what sort of foods you recommend and give your little ones?


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  • Your dietician should be able to give you some dairy free recipes. My little boy was over 1 when we tried him on dairy again after being on nutramigen. There are a lot of baby jars and children’s meals that are dairy free. When you make mash use the formula instead of milk and you can get dairy free butter. Iceland are very good for dairy free things but they aren’t advertised as dairy free. There are also a lot of soya products in the free from aisle. Warburtons bread is good to make toast. I wouldn’t bother with dairy free cheese as it is disgusting but dairy free ice cream is lovely. You can buy it from Sainsbury’s and it’s not expensive. I have a book of dairy free recipes. I could take some pics and pm them to you if you like?

  • Omg I could’ve wrote this except were still trying to decide if my lil boy is dairy intolerance or asthmatic, it’s taken me forever to wean him, his now 10months and hardly eats, I can get breakfast down him about 11-1pm depending on his mood and he’ll have a dinner between 4-6 again depending on his mood he hardly ever snacks through the day, if I try to fit in a 3rd meal he just cries like his in pain, once I cut it back out his happy again, sometime I can get a yoghurt in but only the soya yoghurts from Tescos, any other yoghurt his breathing becomes a nightmare, his a chunk but his been on some many steroids though so don’t think that’s helped, I’ve got my 1st appointment with the dietician Friday, and his now under a respiratory consultant x

  • My little boys just been diagnosed as having a cows milk protein intolerant. Hes one now. Message me if you’d like to know what i feed him. Once you’ve got your head around it its not too bad xxx

  • I used to make dairy free dishes and freeze portions in the freezer. Porridge can be made with the nutramigen


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