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Hi can I private message please. I picked my three year old son up from nursery …

Hi can I private message please. I picked my three year old son up from nursery today and his key worker asked to have a word. She said he had punched a little boy in the cheek and had been given a telling off for it and my son was very upset. When I took my son home I gave him serious talking to and he was still very upset crying about it. However now he’s calmed down he is telling me that this little boy punched him in the back first. This is so out of character for my son and now I feel bad for going off at him if that was the case. I’m going to speak to the nursery tomorrow about it but just need some advice what to say to the nursery please.


5 thoughts on “Hi can I private message please. I picked my three year old son up from nursery …

  • Just say to them you are far from excusing your sons behaviour as what he has done you don’t condone but upon speaking to your child he has told you that this other boy had punched him in the back first so your son has retaliated although u don’t condone your son hitting out you would appreciate It if they could speak and keep an eye on this other child also as wouldn’t like this to be a recurring matter (hope this helps) xx

  • I’m a qualified child practitioner and my advice would be to speak to your child’s key worker and ask her what happened in the event running up to your son punching this other child. It sounds like they were unaware which is sad and upsetting for your son. Children should be supervised and dealt with fairly. I hope you get this sorted 😕

  • Don’t know about your specific nursery but most I know of do record what goes on in each room. Maybe ask if that is the case. If so ask to see and go from there.

  • There’s always 2 sides of a story and people tend to hurt people becos there frustrated or try to show signs of affection so I’m sure what ur son did was due to reasons they just have to learn how to not react and not hurt back and to tell someone (at least u know hel stick up for himself) my son was dragged across playground by 3 boys he ended up with a yellow card himself I’m 70 percent sure he probably did something to make them do what they did but IL never get the full story just ask what was happening before it happened and was it just ur boy could he of been hurt first then tell ur sons story and c what they say

  • Been here. My nursery can only go by what they see not by the kids version if it doesn’t match up. Which is sad. But understandable. Good luck though!


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