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Hi , could I get a private post please.. Just looking for advice .. I have 2 lit…

Hi , could I get a private post please..
Just looking for advice ..
I have 2 little boys(5&1yr old) no longer with their dad.
Dad has brought a few diff girls around my children , minute he enters a relationship my children are introduced to these women without my knowledge n den my little boy drops it to me that daddy has a new gf.. this has happened over the last few yrs as we were quiet on & off not my choice I wanted my family to work so gave chance after chance but have finally accepted it never will 5 yr old obviously been more affected by the hole situation more than the baby.
Im getting very concerned about my 5 yr old he has been mentioning to me things like does my daddy love me more than his gf & asks me sometimes out of the blue mammy are you sad my daddy doesn’t love you..
Their dad only takes them on a Fri night
Am I wrong for expecting him to keep the children out of his relationships until he is in a serious relationship?
I can’t accept him bringing women in n out of my children’s life’s while I see how its affecting my kids especially my eldest ?
And plz no bashing its not jealousy at all I understand when relationships breakdown ppl have to move on but honestly don’t think its necessary for my children to meet every new girl
And I’m just looking to hear other ppls opinions & advice


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