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Hi could I have a private post please. I’ve turned my back for two minutes today…

Hi could I have a private post please. I’ve turned my back for two minutes today whilst my 4 year old and 9 month old were playing nicley in the living room then all of a sudden I’ve herd my 9 month old screeming and rushed back into the living room. When I asked my daughter age 4 what happened she’s told me that she’s slapped him. So I sent her of to her room so I could discuss this with dad who was just waking from looking after the baby all night. Between us we’ve gone and asked her what has happened again and the second time she says she’s got him with a soft block, ten minutes later she says she’s got him with this hard teddy thing he has. Now we were going to give her the benefit of the doubt and just have a gentle word about how it’s not nice to hit people however between asking her the first time and asking her the third time a nasty bruise has appeared at the side of his head. So I’m looking for advice on what mummy with 2 kiddies would do obviously if it’s a jealousy issue I want to stamp it out quickly. So what would you do? X


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  • I tell my 5 year old i have camaras and can check them on my phone. Soon as he sees the phone come out the truth comes out.. x

  • I have to constantly tell my 4 and 6 year old to be careful around my 1 year old. There has been a couple times were accidents happen but they get so upset when it’s happened that I end up with 2 or 3 children crying lol. Aslong as he’s ok in himself I’m sure he will be fine as for your daughter maybe just explain to her that he’s still a baby. I don’t think it’s jelousy. She’s probably tried playing with him and it was all just an accident. X

  • Just explain that it isn’t kind and he is a lot smaller than her so she’ll need to be gentle. I use my smoke detectors as father Christmas cameras 😂I only have to point at them now and my lo stops whatever she’s doing! 😂😂

  • I have 2 boys but my eldest is not 3 yet so he doesn’t understand as well as a 4 year old would. He has hurt my 11 month old several times and I explain to him how it’s not nice and he’s not to do it again.

  • should never ask more than once coz she will no she in trouble n change her story c

  • Since you’ve no idea what actually happened and he’s got a bruise on his head I would contact 111 just to be safe


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