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4 thoughts on “Hi has anyone been to window to the womb for a gender scan, if you measure 1-2 d…

  • Can you reply please

    Thank you, I will be 15+5 or 6 on the day, it will be the last day I’ll be visiting my family so wanted to book while I was there otherwise I would of just waited but would be nice to share the moment with them. Was just a bit worried losing my money if they decide not to go ahead with then scan as it’s not like I could reschedule as I like 2.5hrs away from my mums x

  • I had one at 15+5 and they don’t check the measuring really depends on where you go I didn’t have mine there I was at miracle in progress they were amazing and scanned from 15+4 x

  • They just take your word for how far you are. Babies at that gestation will measure differently anyway.


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