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Hi. Pp please. Last week my 5 year old daughter fainted at her schools sports da…

Hi. Pp please. Last week my 5 year old daughter fainted at her schools sports day. She got checked over by a GP and they said everything was okay. Today I got a phone call from the school saying it happened again but she had faked it as a first aider took her pulse when she was apparently unconscious and she was fine. The school state they called an ambulance but when they realised she was fine they cancelled it. I checked with my friend who used to be a paramedic and he said this can be done (my mother in law told me it can’t so wanted to be sure). Me and her dad spoke to her about it an explained about the boy who cried wolf and how important it is to not lie about these things. She apologised and said she wouldn’t do it again. But when we were at the park earlier her aunt was talking to her about it and she apparently told her aunt that she DID faint and her head was sore afterwards. Now I don’t know what to believe and am considering calling her doctor tomorrow when she’s at school to talk to him about it as I feel like it wouldn’t do any harm. Better safe than sorry and all that. I just don’t know what to believe right now. Its not like we gave her a massive row and scared her into saying she didn’t faint. She admitted it without any coaxing or anything like that and said she was sorry but then changed her story an hour later! She’s never done anything like this before, she’s a great kid! I guess I’m just asking for some advice really. Am I doing the right thing in phoning the doctor or am I being too hasty?


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  • Just because her pulse was fine, it doesn’t mean she faked it. I’d be asking the school how they could be certain she was fine if they initially felt it necessary to call an ambulance! I have been under investigation for nearly 8 years now because my collapses were not thought to be related to my heart. That said, it would be so difficult to pretend to faint, especially at 5… they would have more than likely noticed her blinking or moving. I’d phone the GP tomorrow if I were you to make sure they can rule everything out for certain x

  • just cause her pulse was fine doesn’t mean she faked it i really don’t think a 5yr old would know how to fake fainting, maybe the school had told her off for “faking” and she felt like it was easier to agree with you than anything else but confined in her aunt instead x

  • I don’t think she faked it to be honest and there’s no way to tell just by the pulse. U need to ask her and explain it’s important how exactly did she feel ect ect xxx

  • Highly doubt a 5 year old could fake fainting…. a tummy ache maybe but fainting? I don’t see it myself.

  • Call the doctor and they can trace her heart for a few days. It might be nothing but it might be something.

  • Don’t think a 5 year old cld fake fainting without dramatising it and laughing about it, no harm in getting her checked over x

  • I would bring her the doctor in the morning & explain & just have her checked anyway to be safe x


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