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Hiya can I have a post please hun.. What can I do with my 8 month old through th…

Hiya can I have a post please hun..
What can I do with my 8 month old through the days? Boring with him watching cartoons in his jumparoo and rolling round playing with toys on the floor need ideas I was thinking about ordering paints and stuff for messy play for him but I dno if hes abit younge need ideas for stuff I can do now thanks everyone xx


17 thoughts on “Hiya can I have a post please hun.. What can I do with my 8 month old through th…

  • Find out what play groups are on around your local area – children centres and churches are a good place to start

    ( can be nerve wracking at first and some you may love , some you may leave after 30 minutes and never return )

    Like I’m my area there’s always a church somewhere with a play group on and we are not religious but most the groups are cheap , cheerful and normally have cake πŸ˜‚ and nothing religious about them

    Even if it just gets you out of the house for an hour or so

    Children’s centres are good and cheap too – normally have specific age range tailed groups too

    Local park for fun on the swings , walk along the canal
    Feed the ducks

    Sensory play with stuff from around the house

    Swimming is great too

    R:E: (my daughter used to try and eat paint πŸ™„πŸ˜‚)could strip him down to a nappy for a messy play

  • You could (if you are brave enough) introduce messy play. There’s lots of ideas online. Kids love to get messy. Buy a paddling pool fill it with water, bubbles, sand, flour, gloop (obviously not all at the same time)
    Make instruments. Painting. Playdoh. Salt doh..

  • Painting will be great! Make instruments with dry pasta in milk bottle for example! Pots and pans out with a wooden spoon for drums! Loads of fun! Water play is good too! Lots of diff ways to play with water! Sand play too! You will both have loads of fun playing

  • Most paint is safe for kids, I haven’t attempted painting with my 9month old yet but I get on the floor and play with him, he also loves it when I read to him and act out nursery rhymes etc, his favorite I row your boat xxx

  • I want to take mine swimming when he gets to be that age!

    There should also be music groups and at the library they should have reading groups.

  • He’s not to young for messy play you can get bath paint as well Β£1.50 out of Avon as well. Take him out for walks and picnics x

  • I go to a baby group once a week. We do singing. My baby loves going out in his pushchair and just taking in sights and sounds like trains and ducks.

  • You could buy a tuff tray for messy play. I ordered one online and it was only Β£13.50. X

  • I take him to the park and play with him in the floor but its been raining alot lately and hes starting to get board x

  • My daughters 8 month we do painting we make playdoh so it’s all edible if it happens to go on there mouth messy play corn flour n water the rest of time we read or sing songs lots of floor time we go to the park too

  • Β£2.99 paddling pool and a load of flour, played in it for ages πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


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