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Hiya can I have a private post please, Hiya im just looking for advice..please n…

Hiya can I have a private post please,
Hiya im just looking for advice..please no perfect mummies telling me kids will sleep when they want to!! I know this!!
My baby is 8 month old I understand they don’t all sleep through the night but still every hour!!
My eyes are all black I do have a partner what sleeps through both our kids and he doesn’t work and still stays in bed on a morning shouts at me for for waking him to beg for his help cos I’m so drained.
How can I make my baby sleep!! She is waking my 2 year old up too.
She hasn’t got colic or anything.
I sing to her I rock her I’ve tried everything.. health visitor wasn’t no good she said she’s a baby get over it!
Yes I reported her!!
I need help.. it’s that bad when my mum has her I still hear her crying when she’s not here lol 😂
Any advice please??
No bashing!!!


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  • Could u reply to my post for me please..
    It is hungrier baby milk yes I’ve even tried her with our food blended lol.
    I don’t give her too much don’t want to up set her tummy but if she seems more hungry I wIll give her a tiny bit more,
    I can’t sleep through day either my son has come out of napping through day,
    Me and my partner have had several conversation about this about him not helping ,
    He says he will help and he will hoover up and thinks that helps!!
    I’ve tried her with bananas cos some one said bananas is meant to help .. she’s had them about 3 month now.
    No good lol.

  • Maybe try taking your baby out in the pram the fresh air is like a drug for kids it usually knocks them out lol hope you get some sort of rest..hit your man a kick up the arse and if that doesn’t work tell him he has to go if he isn’t going to help x

  • I’ve been through this. I used to give hungry baby milk and a bowl of porridge before bed which helped. But I would also recommend putting your foot down with the dad and letting him know that it’s not a bloody free ride for him. I tiptoed around my grumpy bastard ex for months and I wish I had just told him to stop being a selfish prick from the start!

  • I feel for you my youngest was the same.. If I was you I’d kick ur partner up the ass and say if your living here you help, more so if he isn’t working you might aswell do it alone if he’s not gonna parent with you.. Is baby hungry? Does she have a comfort she likes?

  • I might get a bashing but hve you tried swaddling…. my hv and midwife said not too went to hospital had my daughter and the midwife there did it automatically and she slept like an angel all night

  • Do u give feeds during night will she settle back down mines 8 months has a feed at 12 stays awake an hour or so n fights it but we pulled that from 2am feed which would take her longer to go back to sleep or shed stay awake till morning so fed her dream feeding at 12 instead I found if she didn’t have a poop during the day shed also scream cos she needs a poop I end inputting her in a pram getting her to sleep then putting her back to bed becos she also doesn’t like cuddles but it works better

  • Tell your partner instead of shouting at you get off his lazy ass and help! X


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