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I Can’t get a burning jealousy out my head and driving me crazy weather I should…

I Can’t get a burning jealousy out my head and driving me crazy weather I should just let it go or if I’m right to stand my ground. I could write a book on the relatives I’m about to tell you about but we’d be here till Christmas! The important thing I feel you should know is that they are an incredibly loving and emotional family, all about displays of affection etc. I lost my dad when I was 9 and I’ve always been used to being the centre of everyone’s world since then as I’m all they have left of him. My grandma got a pay out for a crash she had 15 years ago so has been long awaited and decent pay out. She went on the holiday of a lifetime with my grandad and her other son and his partner (gay couple) last year. They planned another trip for this year and my grandma said she really wanted me to go with them and be a part of it all with them, she invited me to my uncles on a night they was going to plan and book the next holiday. They let me help pick the hotel, was fully a part of telling me about all the places we would go and how wonderful this place is. Only for the next day my uncle to turn around and say I can’t come if I don’t have a buddy (I’ve recently split up with my bf who was previously going to come) I don’t physically have anyone else I could have invited. Anyway just like that I swiftly found myself uninvited and they booked it all without even telling me I was ringing my grandma to say I’d booked the time off work and was met with ‘we’ve come to a decision it just wouldn’t be appropriate etc’ so I cut all ties with them for a few weeks but I felt awful knowing what I was putting my grandma and grandad though so I eventually went to see them and sorted it out with them but swore that I wouldn’t be forgiving my uncles for the way they’d hurt me…. fast forward to now they’ve just been on the holiday and bought me a charm for my pandora as a guilty gift. And now keep saying they want to go on another holiday, in February Cold weather, just for a week and nowhere near as luxuriously as the last 2… and trying to smooth it all over like it’s been forgotten but I still feel seriously hurt about it and I haven’t forgotten just unsure what I can really do 😕


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