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I don’t really know how I should feel…. my husband and I have been together on…

I don’t really know how I should feel…. my husband and I have been together on and off for the past 13 years, married for the last 6 years of them. We have recently separated. Both living under the same roof for now until I can find somewhere for me and our two children to live. Over the last week or so I have been accused of going on dates/organising dates/ seeing other people, which isn’t the case at all. To the point that it has caused arguments, having my phone gone through, my belongings and being checked up on all the time, what I’m doing where I’m going etc etc. It’s driving me crazy and I feel my privacy is being completely violated. I’m just trying to focus on getting back on my feet. I organised to go to the pub with my mum a few days ago (it’s not often I go out with having young children) my night was completely ruined with constant unpleasant messages from him, even contacting my mum. Needless to say I came home early and the evening was a disaster. The day after he went and got his hair and beard tidied and bought new clothes I must admit he looked amazing, came home around lunch to announce he was going out to get leathered then left the house all day and didn’t come in while early hours of the morning. ….. Yesterday I was looking out of the window and I saw my now ex using his phone and he was on a dating app/website scrolling through women. I feel rather insulted….. I’ve done everything I can to be as amicable as possible and keep stress/arguments to a complete minimum, I don’t want my children exposed to any negativity whatsoever. I struggle with anxiety quite a lot and I’m desperate to not let what I’m going through deep into my parenting. I have been strictly told no contact with other men (messaging etc) no dates etc while we’re under the same roof, he said it’s disrespectful. Just to make it clear again Incase I hadn’t already, I am not actively looking for a date/meeting up with anyone. I don’t really know how to act regarding being followed around, having my things gone through and being questioned all the time especially given that he himself isn’t exactly wearing white…. thanks


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