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I need advice I have no one else to talk to about this me and my girl been toget…

I need advice I have no one else to talk to about this me and my girl been together for almost 10 years through the years I caught her talking to guys around are area in a way she shouldn’t but I caught her and had her stop we have 3 kids 9,6,2 I’m a real good dad I pick them up from school and take them to school I clean and goto the store all that even do laundry lol and I have a job it’s like my girl made this page with a different age face all that pretty much catfishing people but she talks to like 7 people I know atleast 2 people she talks to in a way she shouldn’t and even talks to on the phone and she says there just friends that I’m paranoid I know that’s bull and I love her alot and I dony want someone else taking care of my kids it’s like if i stay I’m fucked or if i go I’m fucked what should I do and yea we talked about it and had our fights about it but I’m at the point that I don’t bring it up anyonr anything u can say or any advice would be great please I’m going crazy I really am


8 thoughts on “I need advice I have no one else to talk to about this me and my girl been toget…

  • Honestly, it sounds like she’s treating you this way because she knows you’ll just accept it. If you’ve had discussions about breaking up in the past and you’ve told her you’d miss your children, there’s a high chance she’ll carry on playing around because she knows how much they mean to you and that you’ll stay for them. Don’t. You’ve given her a chance and she’s continued to disrespect your relationship. Whether it’s a man cheating or a women, I’ll still offer the same advice…if they refuse to change and continue to hurt you, walk away. You will still be able to see your children and you could find someone who loves and respects you as much as you do, them. Who knows, if she sees you’re being serious, she might realise how unreasonable she’s been and want to work things out. I’m sure she’d definitely miss the support she’s getting with your kids.

  • Your doing it all anyway like you say. Put her out tell her to go… or you go with the kids.. you are right to know that you are worth more than being treated like this. And you value what you have. If it was the other way about I’d still say the same thing. All the best luv

  • She has been caught before & still doing it now so she obviously isn’t bothered! Walk away and have access to your kids in time you’ll feel much better about yourself! No one should be treat like this it’s awful it her loss not yours

  • How she speaks to people is up to her not you, if you are not happy about it you can not make her change but you can pack your bags. If my husband told me I was talking to some one in a way he did not like I would tell him, how he feels is up to him not me!

  • Are you happy ? If not move on and just be there for your kids as life’s too short x


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