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I’m Dating A Married Man And It Makes Me Feel So Insecure

I’m dating a married man and it makes me feel so insecure.

Before you all start to judge me, I am not a home wrecking whore, I did not steal my man from another woman, my boyfriend is not with his wife but they are still very much married.

His wife lives in her home with their children and he has his own property, they split nearly a decade ago, so why do I hate that legally they are still married?

I feel that him still being married is a breach of a contract, we cannot have a future together whilst he still has his first loves ring in his underwear drawer.

She will always be a part of his life which is only right as they have produced children together but surely after 10 years they would both want closure.

I always have this fear that whilst they are still married he is still deep down hoping that one day they could reignite their flame.

Am I being irrational wanting him to be divorced, am I over thinking the whole thing? wanting him to be more available? Wanting to one day to be his wife? Wanting her gone from the underwear drawer?

Please let me know your thoughts and views in the comments section, Thanks Anon x

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