Is Jo Jo Siwa A No No?


Jo Jo bows have been banned in multiple UK schools .

The coloured bows are not allowed in UK schools because they do not comply with some uniform codes and are ‘distracting’ to teachers and other students.

The massive hairclips became popular after being worn by social media star JoJo Siwa.

Does a hair accessory really affect how a child learns or distract their class mates?

We asked parents in schools around Essex to tell us their views.

Jenny Clark said “Like every trend, it will pass. Let them express themselves, it’s only a bow. My daughter wears them and I thinks they look ridiculous but know it’s harmless. Trends come and go!”

Stephanie Gold said “That should be banned from ever where over priced rubbish jo jo is just a no no” ugliest thing i’ve ever seen, if i were a child at school i would be distracted and unable to concentrate due to the utter ugliness  .

What’s your thoughts on the Jo Jo bows? Whether you like them or not do you think it’s over the top to ban them from schools or believe it does go against the uniform code?

Are children at your childs school allowed to wear them, if not what reason have the school given for their decision.


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