Mums Prank On Son Lands Her In Jail

Mums prank on son lands her In jail

How often have you cleared up your child’s mess and thought to yourself wait til you get your own place then you will see, well one mum did just this.

Chloe Thomas’s son Harry moved into his first flat at the age of 20.

His mum was given a key and what she did next got her into big trouble.

Chloe went to her sons flat and threw cereal all over the sofa, smeared yogurt all over the windows, drew on the freshly painted walls, peed all over the toilet seat and floor.

But she wasn’t finished yet she unrolled the toilet paper, took a bite out of every apple, poured juice on the table and all over the tv and pulled every piece of clothing out of the wardrobe, and lastly she smashed all the dinner plates and made a tower out of coffee cups.

When her son arrived home and saw his mum sat on the cereal covered sofa whilst eating Nutella out of the jar with the tv remote he didn’t take it well and called the police.

Chloe was taken into custody and eventually order to pay damages.

Chloe told Mums advice “it was pay back for years of destruction in my own home, ok maybe I went too far but my god it was fun”.

Harry commented “I can now see the funny side but at the time I was very annoyed I had spent so much time and money getting the flat how I wanted it, I guess I know what to expect when I have my own children”.

What’s your thoughts did the mum go too far and act inappropriately or was she an evil genius just giving pay back for years of mess and destruction?

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