Nurses Were So Rude Whilst My Child Was Dying

When Claudia went to Lincoln County Hospital…she had a virus apparently!
Nope, she was dying.
SOME of the nurses were so rude, I still truly suffer because of them. Two were so rude, so cruel…telling me I was looking for attention and Claudia was holding up a bed?

They treated my baby girl so awfully yet a child opposite with tonsillitis was made out to be a hero? Such a fuss was made of ‘that said child’ and quite rightly so…whilst Claudia whimpered and I use that term accurately, as she didn’t want to cause annoyance or make a fuss. She was just FIVE years old. ‘Said’ child had ice-cream, songs, entertainment…yet we were ridiculed. I was one of ‘those mums’ who longed for attention? It makes me angrier than ever thinking back. No apologies. No reason. No care.
Some people really need to consider their career and reasoning in life.

They were proved wrong in the most horrific of ways. I never saw either of them again. It has taken me so many years to speak out. It still hurts. It makes me feel like I let her down.
Follow your heart, your beliefs and your courage.
Always remain strong ❤


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