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PIP Payment Is Going To Kill Me

Well the government have done brilliantly on this decision to make everyone who receives pip (personal independent payment ) local government have decided if you are entitled to enhanced rates they will be taking £9 this year towards your care package plus what ever else they decide.

For example they asked me to contribute £12.56 Jan 2019, in April 2019 they said no you don’t pay enough so it’s going up to £17.56 but just had a letter informing me that I now have to pay from July 22nd 2019 £50.06 all of these amounts are weekly so my choice is eat once a day and die quicker because I won’t survive without the help.

I have complexed disabilities which I pay for lots of extras on top of normal utility bills etc I live alone so single income of employment support allowance and personal independence payments housing benefit and council tax support but I also get bedroom taxed and pay towards my council tax I am in a mess and no appeals can be made about the amount I have to pay even though it states on the letter if you have extra payments for items you can ask for it to be taken into account.

They were called today and they stated no appeals but the letter states different so confused fed up scared not looking forward to the future I already have a rare lung disease which is not treatable only manageable but it is progressive so nobody knows how long I have or what the future holds I have been in intensive care 4 times this year so far it’s disgusting making disabled feel responsible for the cost to each local government



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