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Please can I have a pp? My 14 month old screams blue murder every. Single. Nigh…

Please can I have a pp?

My 14 month old screams blue murder every. Single. Night when I put her to bed, and I mean screams, it’s been going on for a few weeks now, tonight it’s the worse she went to bed at 7 and she’s still awake screaming now and I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with her, 😔 just looking for some advice on what it could be or if it’s just a phase? Thanks x


10 thoughts on “Please can I have a pp? My 14 month old screams blue murder every. Single. Nigh…

  • She’s doesn’t have a bottle and she always sleeps with her favourite teddy, could it be due to her teething? Because I’ve noticed the front of her guns are bumpy and look a bit white? X

  • Add again please
    No, no changes at all, I give her supper about 6.45 with a hot drink and then put her to bed at 7, she’s only just gone to sleep x

  • Add to my post please,
    I’ve tried the cry it out method and it hasn’t worked and she doesn’t have a dummy, she doesn’t like them x

  • Has anything changed that might make her react that way? I’d try and think back when it started and if nothing has changed, reassure her. I know it’s hard because there’s been times my 2 year old has been hard to get to sleep but I have stayed with him to make sure he’s ok.

  • Does she nap in the day? If so try and reduce the amount of time she naps for. I had this trouble with mine so I cut naps out completely (although she is a bit older than yours) and now she actually wants to take herself to bed when it hits 7 o’clock! Xx

  • My 2 year old screams blue murder every single night I’m sure my neighbor must have concerns lol. But we have found that putt8ng her bed let her scream go check in her and ask her Wats she wants she usually wants a small drink of water then is fine but this has happend every single night for almost 6 months so I’ll be keen hear some ideas to

  • Everyone will have lots of different advice some will go to her others will cry it out . But your his/her mother you know your child’s behaviour at nap times , or through the day . No one can tell you what works ad your child isn’t there child . Do what you feels best ☺️

    Hope you get some rest tonight xxx

  • My son done the same every night for a couple of weeks I would go in at least 10 times before he settled but now he’s fine I was worried too

  • Are you doing the cry it out… going back in every couple of minutes lying her down giving her dummy and coming out…


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