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Please can i have a ppp not on the chat. I know my partner since i was 10 year …

Please can i have a ppp not on the chat.

I know my partner since i was 10 year old we started seeing each other when i was 13, lost my virginity a couple of months after getting into a relationship we had a really tough life from my mum phoning the police due to age gap only 2and half years difference and social services getting involved due to domestic violence. We had a good relationship other then when we argued, he got all the help he needed and he chaged. Now we are 18 and 20 with an almost 2 year old child. Around September we had a split till end of February he didn’t bother with the child at all he has never paid a penny except the odd occasion for a outfit or a pack of nappies but thats it… We have never lived together due to the age we are but i recently got my own place about end of feb hence why we started talking and working on things… Now i pay for everything literally when he get paid it goes on all hos debt tattoos and stuff he wants not a penny goes to his food gas or electric anything and he stays here practically 24/7 sometimes goes to his mum for a night… He doesn’t get up in the morning or during the night for our child but he is brilliant during the day can’t fault him there… Since we started talking again he is currently on bail for apparently sleeping with underage girls when we seperated he blamed it on the drugs and drinking (no longer does them getting help part time rehab centre and meeting every evening) now from what proof he had between messages and his memory there is no evidence of him sleeping he answer bails on the 20th to get a court date… Our sex life has gone down hill he doesn’t touch me or anything he expects me to do everything ti him and thats about it… He says sex is just boring sex is sex etc before we had a break we had a good sex life…
I don’t evem know what i want from all of this just struggling to cope ive been a single parent since she was born as he has supervised contact i struggle with bills and providing for my daughter i had to go to the food bank and asked for help of family which they refuse as i should be doing it all by myself i have told my partner he needs to start helping but when he gets paid he spends it all on him no food no nappies or wipes no anything other then what he wants and still expect there to be meals for him…
He spent the last of my money and he got paid on friday i literally have nothing in i have enough nappies to last me a day and ive been using tissue and water to clean my child bum i have soup in the cupboard and bread thats kt and im really struggling
I feel like kicking him out but he claims he is currently homeless when his mum td him he can stay there… I just don’t know what to do i don’t get paid till Thursday and im clueless on what to do i know that im stupid for not standing my ground but more to the point im stuck. Not sure what im after just needed to get it off my chest as im so annoyed


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