Please can I have a private post… not sure what I’m wanting from this but just…

Please can I have a private post… not sure what I’m wanting from this but just feeling a bit deflated at the min.
I have 2 kids aged 4 and 2 and I work for the NHS and I do nights. My husband works shifts so when the eldest started school I changed my hours so I didn’t work all week and just worked every Friday and Saturday night which meant I’m home all week to take the kids to and from school/Pre-school ( which is fine, since having kids the weekend is just another day for me ) but my problem is hubby will always say at the weekend, are you going to get up and we can do something ( again that’s fine and seems like a good idea when I get home from work cause I don’t feel overly tired ) but today he woke me up at 12 ( I didn’t get in bed until 8am ) and because I was so tired, had a really busy night and literally couldn’t keep my eyes open I said I just wanted to go back to sleep. Now he’s been really off with me saying I’m a fucking lier saying I was going to get up and do something and that I get the kids hopes up and I just talk shit and he doesn’t believe a word I say because I didn’t get up like I said I would.
I feel he’s been a bit harsh with me, not sure if I’m over reacting or if I’m just tired and grumpy. But he’s like it quite a lot, everything’s always my fault and he can sit in a room and not speak a word to me for hours. I hate it. Feel like I’m treading on egg shells constantly around him.
Sorry for the long winded post 🙈


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