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Please can I have an anonymous post please I’ve got family on this site and I do…

Please can I have an anonymous post please I’ve got family on this site and I don’t want them knowing how I feel…

I don’t really know what I’m looking for here, maybe just need to express how I feel๐Ÿ˜“ I’ve recently come out of a relationship and if I’m honest I’m so broken, it ended awfully. He was stalking me, literally logged into all my private things on his phone, I had to tell him where I was and the times I was leaving/ for home. I miss him a lot and I don’t really know what to do. Do I message him or just leave it? My depression has got really bad to the point where I can’t leave my bedroom some days & don’t talk to anyone for days on end. I have no friends, I lost them all when I got into this relationship, I have panic attacks daily & cry for hours on end, even cry myself to sleep most nights. My question is that would you do?


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  • Firstly you need to go and see the gp and get some help for how you’re feeling. Once you feel stronger mentally you’ll realise that this relationship was totally wrong be he’s a bad man, with help your confidence will build again and you’ll be able to leave the house and meet people, make new friends and learn to like yourself again as it seems he’s stripped you of everything you like about yourself. That’s not love it is control. Good luck.

  • I wouldn’t contact him if I were you.. from here was logging in to all your things invading your privacy it’s sounds like he controlled your life you don’t need him. The sadness will go away eventually. You will be able to pick your self up and find someone who actually deserves you keep your chin up. X

  • sweetheart. sounds like your self esteem is shot to bits ๐Ÿ™ the behaviour of your ex has put you in a bad place. it’s always going to be so difficult leaving someone especially when you’ve loved them but his behaviour and the relationship you shared with him is not healthy. I would urge you not to contact him. you’ll miss him because it’s natural miss someone or something that has been a big part of your life good or bad. with time you will get used to him not being there. have you spoken to the Dr about your depression? they might be able to put you in touch with a counsellor or cognitive behaviour therapist or some thing else that you may benefit from? can you reach out to your family? who was your closest friend before you got into this relationship? I’m sure if you could reach back out to them and explain what you’ve been and what you’re currently going through they would welcome your back with open arms and help support you. I would do it for anyone of my friends no matter how much time had passed. you probably have so many people that would be willing to be there for you. know your worth missy! you are a strong woman. you’ve been through so much. you might feel like your not coping well but you are getting through each and every day. you can do this. you’re already reaching out for advice and that my darling is the first step xxx

  • Firstly don’t have him back because men like that never change they only get worse secondly go and see your gp as you are depressed ask him to also refer you for counciling as well then try to find a hobby to concentrate on maybe if you have a dog take it out for long walks if you work go and talk to a member of staff or a family member you can confide in you will get through this just take it one step at a time but please go to your drs first thing Monday morning good luck and remember one step at a time

  • Oh Hun I have been I your place I beg you please don’t contact him yes it’s hard but it will pass your family will always be there for you I swear be honest with them you will be surprised I was stalked intimidated and he played mind games I thought would never be free but I am a year on I’m happy and you will be to just remember takes time x time heals all wounds x I am here if you ever want to talk feel free to inbox me anytime x

  • Don’t contact him, and contact your old friends again, if they were any kind of friends to begin in they will listen to you.


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