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Pp please️ This is, a bit of a long one so stay with me Basically me and my part…

Pp please☺️
This is, a bit of a long one so stay with me🙈
Basically me and my parter, have just had our second baby together, anyways we don’t live ,together but we are thinking of moving in together. I work 23 hours a week (currently on maternity leave) but my partner lost his job 3months ago and as recently started job seekers allowance. I currently pick up £480 a month in smp, £20 a week in child benefits £50 working tax credits & 60 a week in child tax credits ( I’m still waiting to register our second child to add her onto my child tax credits. Anyways my question is . If we do officially move in together, are we going to be better off or not?😩 at the moment I live on my own, he lives with his mom😂

Thankyou.😌 xx


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