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Private post please I found out yesterday I was pregnant this is my 5th baby my …

Private post please I found out yesterday I was pregnant this is my 5th baby my son was sadly stillborn 2 years ago and I fell pregnant with mt daughter shortly after I spent the majority of the pregnancy sat at home by myself because even though she was planned my partner couldnt deal with the loss if our son and jus kept walk-in out on me then when she was born it got worse he again couldn’t deal with my hormones and walked out we managed to work things out and yesterday I found I was pregnant he started goin on saying he never wanted this and walked out leaving me upset he came back said everything will be alright and were keeping the baby (I can’t not) today he’s gone completly distant so I called his bluff and said right if you can’t do this tell me and I’ll phone the docs he said he doesn’t no I fell asleep with my 4 year old and 8 month daughter woke up and he was gone he came back said he was coin shop for tea and dissapeard for a hour and a half when he came back at half 5 even though me and all the kids were waiting on him for te he asked y I had a face on me I said how long does it take to go to the shop he started going on one saying this is why I don’t wants another and didn’t because I won’t have a life I don’t want to be tied to this house and have to put up with all your shig through the pregnancy he started saying how he only wanted our youngest and he was happy with her n now he’s gonna have to put up with my shit and be tied to the house. He goes gym every day goes pub to watch united he’s never bathed our daughter once since she was born because of all the trauma with our son he wongt make her bottles either because of the same reason and won’t feed her because he finds it boring he works two hours a day 6am-8am and not done a single night feed because of this reason even though on a Monday I do a 3 hour work placement at a school and 3 hours at college then do my work placement on a Tuesday and he still won’t do a night feed even if iv been up since sometimes half 5 with our youngest also today I said oh I feel sick and he turned around and said oh don’t start that shit this early, he told me when I was pregnant with my daughter after our son was stillborn I had a huge bleed at 12 weeks with our daughtt and he said when he tells people the stuff I expected him to do they all said I was ridiculous because pregnancy isn’t a illness (I also have underactivr thyroid) I don’t have any support other than him I fled my home town due to DV from my eldest girls dad I have no friends family car or antthin and I’m so lost ??? I need any advice what to do with him please


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